Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ahhhhh--now that felt good

Friday after work I managed to squeeze in a quick 26 miler before the rain started (and continued all day Saturday). The move to Houston, starting a new job, and living out of a hotel (flashbacks to senior year of high school) have meant that my time for riding is tighter. Getting out for a longer ride on Friday felt so good. Not the good of hurting from a hard workout, but the good of spending a good chunk of time with an old friend. Make no mistake, the ride took a fair bit of exertion, but it was well worth the tiredness later in the evening for the joy of the ride itself. Not to mention that I need some significant saddle time in advance of next Saturday's century (Pineywoods Purgatory).

I have felt a similar freshness with church for a couple of weeks. Coming to a new city where I do not know anyone and I do not know of any churches poses a bit of a daunting task--find a new church community where we will probably have some of our closest relationships for the next several years. Where to begin the search? The names over the door frames are familiar, but what does "Baptist"or "Methodist" of "Community" mean in Texas? I had a pretty good idea of what was what in Minnesota, but here--where there are more eastern religion places of worship than Lutheran churches--where does one look to find a new family?

At the same time, there is a freshness to walking through the front door of a church and being there for the primary purpose of meeting with God. I don't have any church meetings or serve on any committees. I don't have people I need to see if I can catch them between services. I am just looking to see where God is in that place. It is a bit refreshing.

Of course, through all of the uncertainty of church-hunting, one thing remains the same. The Bible that I read for the past 20+ years in Minnesota has the same words here in Texas. And more than that, the same Author behind the words.

Today I am going over to Grace Fellowship United Methodist in Katy, Texas. I found out that they are in a sermon series looking at the book of Isaiah. So this week I spent some time in the text for the day so that I can be ready to listen, learn, and be inspired. It has felt good to sit back and just read what God said, and says, through His prophet. To be reminded that this world has a destination and that the destination is in God's hand--despite how things may appear in the meantime.

There is a hope. There is a future. And it is good!

Pressing on,