Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Shift in Focus

Readers of this blog may notice a change to the tagline. A couple of things are driving that change. First, I am finding that I cannot think good thoughts while I am riding--too many other things to be attentive to. Second, I am finding the notion of authentic living to be interesting and challenging--perhaps worth investing some time and reflection on. At some level, I hope that this blog has always been about authenticity. But I want to sharpen the focus, and aliong the way, sharpen my thinking and actions in this area.

As a starting point, what is authenticity? Should I/we try to "be" authentic? And if we have to be authentic are we really authentic? Are there limits to where authenticity is beneficial in relationships? Work? Faith communities? Is there such a thing as too much authenticity?

I am looking forward to embracing and wrestling with the questions.

Pressing on!